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This Vote is Easy
Unlike the upcoming federal election, a VOTE for The Mount Community Centre is a no-brainer. Every year, the Aviva Community Fund invests in charitable community initiatives across Canada. They've donated $5.5 million in funding so far, and will donate another million bucks to the winners this year. That's where you come in. In order for the Mount to make it to the finals, they need your votes. Here's their plan for the historic, and iconic building on Monaghan Road, which used...

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Girl, 10, walks in memory of mom at Run for Cure
Peterborough joined communities around the country Sunday as it helped host the largest single day event in support of breast cancer research in Canada. Aileen Doyle was at CIBC's Run for the Cure and brings us the story of one young girl who is committed to participating year after year:  ...

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