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Nikki Sixx Hates Your Selfies
It's part of the concert experience now. You go to a show and look around at the crowd and see how many cell phones are lit up. Of course you're going to snap a pic to share with your friends. Nikki Sixx thinks you're a moron if you do this throughout the show....

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Police scramble after live mortar delivered to cop shop
Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officers had a few anxious moments Thursday afternoon. Just after 2:30, a citizen brought live World War II era mortar round into the police station. Officers at the detachment were able to isolate the mortar in a safe compound. Members of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit from Canadian Forces Base Trenton attended and destroy the device. Police say the citizen was well-intentioned, but that unexploded or live military explosives (bombs, shells, grenades, land...

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