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Check Out This Flames/Canucks Brawl!
The aftermath of last night's late-game brawl between the Canucks and Flames [Via Reddit] For hockey fans, there's no better time of year than the spring, because that means that just like the weather outside, the action on the ice is bound to heat up. It was an exciting finish to the NHL season, with a few spots in the playoff race remaining undecided until the final day of play for each team. With the Leafs naturally out of playoff position late in the season (though they started their trip...

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Canadian study says fashion brands can do away with 'super skinny models'
"Is this the end of the super skinny model?" A research study from Brock University says that brands can get away with using more average size models without losing its target market. As jesse thomas tells us the Canadian fashion scene is already at forefront in changing the face of fashion....

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