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Look Who Just Overtook Paul McCartney To Become The Richest Musician In The World
Bono is now the world's richest musician thanks to his investment in Facebook back in 2009. Those shares are now worth nearly $2 billion. His investment of  2.3 percent of the social media network cost him about $120 million through his investment group Elevation Partners just six years ago. Those shares today are now reportedly valued at $2.02 billion making him more money in the past six years than his whole career as a musician. Bono is now listed as the world's richest artist, beating...

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Woman injured after motorcycle, SUV collide on Lakefield Road
A motorcyclist was injured after a collision on Lakefield Road in Selwyn Township this morning. Witnesses tell Newswatch a northbound motorcycle was first struck when a southbound SUV crossed the centre line just before 10 a.m. The impact sent the motorcycle off the road. It crashed into a wooden box, tossing the woman off her bike. Witnesses say it appears she suffered a serious leg injury. The female driver of the SUV was not injured. The road was closed for about half an hour as police...

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