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Automotive Unicorn Spotted in Peterborough!
If you haven't noticed from reading my blog, I love posting about cars. I've always been a "car guy," even from the tender age of about 3 years old, when my dad would strap my car seat into his tow truck and take me out on the road with him. That's not to say I'm an automotive expert or anything - I'm certainly no mechanic. I'm just an enthusiast who occasionally likes to turn wrenches, and has an eye for unique cars. And boy did I get an eyeful last night. Yesterday, after my shift at The...

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Federal election officially under way - most local candidates ready
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has visited Rideau Hall and received the OK from Governor General David Johnston to dissolve the 41st Parliament, setting the stage for an election to be held on October 19th. Ontario's premier is criticizing Prime Minister Harper in advance of today's federal election call. Kathleen Wynne says by dropping the writ this early, Harper will stick taxpayers with an unnecessarily large campaign bill. Wynne says modern campaigns don't require months of electioneering. This...

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