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Watch for Ozzy in the new Ghostbusters Movie
Have you seen the new Ghostbuster movie yet?  The original is a classic that pretty much everyone has seen - including Ozzy Osbourne.  He says that the original had been, quote, "a big film in our household, when the kids were younger." That's probably why he didn't hesitate when he received a call asking if wanted a cameo in the new one (surprisingly, not as a ghost).  Actually, he said his kids were more excited than he was! It's just a quick scene where we see Ozzy watching a concert from...

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Envirothon challenges students
You had to be very quiet at Selwyn Conservation Area Tuesday. It was the testing ground for students from across North America. Two hundred and fifty of them were taking in the annual North American Envirothon. The group has spent most of their time at Trent University, On Tuesday they got to enjoy the outdoors. putting their skills to the test in a series of hands-on challenges that spanned the elements, with a focus on endangered species. Barry Burch (North American Envirothon): "We're...

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