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How Did The First Down Line on Football Broadcasts Start?
All the veteran football fans who have been watching the sport for decades will remember a time when it was significantly tougher to follow along with the action on the field. Younger generations of fans, however, have grown up with the luxury of having the first down highlighted on their TV screen by a big magical yellow line. #20130929 mashable: There wasn't always a yellow first-down line on @NFL broadcasts. How it… — NewsFlashback (@NewsFlashback) December...

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12th annual Polar Bear ice sculpture competition
Near and far ice sculptors gathered at the Cenotaph Park this afternoon, for the 12th annual polar bear ice sculpture competition. Despite weather conditions that forced cancellation of other PolarFest activities, the competitors too were impacted by the weather. Lindsay Balbirnie reports. You could find bits of ice flying, sounds of power tools and determined ice sculptors in Lakefield on Saturday. This was all a part of the 12th annual Polar Bear Ice Sculpture Competition and PolarFest. Founder...

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