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Gator vs. Pickup
We're pretty lucky in our neck of the woods for the fact that we don't ever really have to worry about running into any alligators. It's not like down south where gators could be waiting in the shallow waters just off the shore of the beach, lurking and waiting for more prey. Who hasn't heard a story at one time or another of golfers encountering gators on the course in Florida? Or what about a random field where you're trying to drive your pickup truck. What do you do when encountered with a...

Newswatch Updates

City of Peterborough, a leader in creating awareness about Huntington's Disease
On Saturday dozens of people gathered in front of city hall to raise awareness and money in a walk for Huntington’s disease. The disease is not very well known, but as Aileen Doyle reports Peterborough is leading the way to try and change that....

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